Call for submission articles to JSEES, no. 25.

   Those who wish to submit an article/review to JSEES, no. 25 should inform the JSSEES editorial office of their intention by July 8, 2004 by email, fax, or regular mail (not postmarked, i.e. the letter should reach JSSEES office by July 8). The application should include: the name of the contributor, the title of the article, the research area that the article addresses (1, 2, or 3 according to the membership categories), the language in which the article will be written, and the proposed length. The translation of the article already published in Japanese elsewhere is also acceptable. The manuscript itself should reach JSSEES editorial office by Sept 17, 2004. The manuscript should be checked by a native speaker and be signed by him/her at the end of the manuscript. The native should be made AFTER the manuscript is completed.  

The JSSEES editorial office: c/o Professor Takashi Kimura.

606-8501. Kyoto University. Kyoto. Japan. Fax: 075-753-6647.


The contens of JSEES, no. 24.

Kazuhisa Iwamoto. Yury Olesha and Freudism.

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     Mpp Np{pp~y. ^{~}yu{yu |wu~yu uruz{s ~pu|u~y r pz~u Au|yy y Lyr r {~u XIX r. tp~~} uuyy 1897 s.

     Masayuki Kuwata. Social Structures and the Rate of Russian as a Mother Tongue in Slavic Regions of the USSR from 1959 to 1989.

      Kiyoshi Kobayashi. Der russische Japanologe Otto Rosenberg in Japanischer sicht

      Lu~yt E. Cyx~r. Q{-|{u yr~yu 19 – ~pp|p 20 ru{r r su|yyu{} yx}uu~yy.

      Pu ^. Ptp|{. Ny{|pz A{ y Hy~ryz Pu{r: Bp~r|u~~u y}u~p.