Submission Guideline for Japanese Slavic and East European Studies

1. Only a member of JSSEES can submit.
2. The manuscript has to be double-spaced (66 characters per line).
The length:
Article - 10,000 words or less (including the charts, figures, notes, and 200-words abstract);
Review-article - 5,000 wordss or less;
Review - 2,000 lines or less.
3. Languages: English, Russian. An article in Russian should have an abstract in English. For other languages please apply to the editorial board.
Your article should be checked by a native speaker for accuracy. Submit the article with his/her signiture.
Our reviewer may request more thorough native check, in which case you have to have your article re-checked and then to resubmit.
4. Sumission deadline
August 31 unless otherwise announced. Those who plan to submit should inform the JSSEES office of the title of the article, its research area, language to be used, kind of submission by the end of June.
Submit the original and four copies. If it is translation of publication in Japanese, the offprint of the original is required.
Include your name, address, telephone, fax, and email, printed on a separate sheet (A-4). Provide also the information on the length of submission (e.g. 25 lines, 15 pages, 375 lines in total).
The article should be submitted in an electronic format. Use Word for Windows and Times New Roman. Anyone who has a problem with this format (Mac users, for instance) should consult the JSSEES office.
An abstract in English should be submitted after the acceptance of an article written in a language other than English.
Send articles for review to the JSSEES office.